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Anagallis hybrid - 'WildcatT Blue'
Anagallis hybrid — 'Wildcat™ Blue'
Full Name:
Anagallis hybrid — 'Wildcat™ Blue'
Description: From the breeding program at the University of New Hampshire comes this groundbreaking new series of early, compact, large-flowered Anagallis. A more compact and earlier flowering form, this exciting new true-blue 2/3" flower is perfect for combos, 4" pots, and baskets. A stunning addition to any container, this plant will fly off the retail shelves. Compact and early flowering. Flowers appear in April and continue til November.
Growing Tips:  
Exposure: Full Sun
Height: 6 - 12"
Hardy temp:  
Zone: 9 - 11
Use: 9 - 11
General care:  
Status: None
Program: Proven Selections®
Legal Details:
Patent (US): PPAF Pending
Canadian PBR:  
Patent No. (US):  
Patent Name:
Registered Mark: TM
Photo: Courtesy of Proven Winners


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