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2018: Proven Winners Perennials

All Proven Winners® Perennial plants are shipped with high quality, large colour tags so that you and your customers know they are the best. Only these tags guarantee the cleanest and best genetics on the market today! Perennials are shipped with Proven Winners white branded 4.25” pots & 10 count white self-symetric trays. An upgrade to white PW branded 1 gallon pots is available. Please include the upgrade item for 1 gallon pots when ordering.

Plants with an associated photograph appear in bold text. Place your mouse cursor over the bold text to view the photo.

PW® Perennial Heliopsis Tuscan Gold ™

PW® Perennial Heliopsis Tuscan Sun™

PW® Perennial Heuchera Dolce™ Appletini

PW® Perennial Heuchera Dolce™ Blackberry Ice

PW® Perennial Heuchera Dolce™ Brazen Raisin

PW® Perennial Heuchera Dolce™ Cinnamon Curls

PW® Perennial Heuchera Dolce™ Crème Brulee

PW® Perennial Heuchera Dolce™ Silver Gumdrop

PW® Perennial Heuchera Primo ™ Black Pearl

PW® Perennial Heuchera Primo ™ Pretty Pistachio

PW® Perennial Lavendula Sweet Romance

PW® Perennial Leucanthemum Amazing Daisies™ Banana Cream

PW® Perennial Leucanthemum Amazing Daisies™ Daisy May™

PW® Perennial Nepeta Cat's Meow

PW® Perennial Salvia® - Color Spires - Violet Riot®

PW® Perennial Veronica Magic Show® - Hocus Pocus™

PW® Perennial Veronica Magic Show® - Enchanted Indigo

PW® Perennial Veronica Magic Show® - Pink Potion

PW® Perennial Veronica Magic Show® - White Wands

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