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Heliopsis Tuscan Sun™
heliopsis tuscan sun™
Full Name:
Heliopsis 'Tuscan Sun'
Description: Most compact Heliopsis available, more controllable in the landscape; bright yellow flowers.
Growing Tips: Removing spent blooms may help encourage additional blooming.
Exposure: Full Sun
Height: 12 - 20 "
Spacing: 20 - 24"
Hardy temp: -35°F (-37°C)
Use: Plant alone or in combinations in all container types and the landscape.
General care:  
2006 - Best of Breed
  -North Carolina State
2006 - Exciting Perennial
  -University of Minnesota
2006 - Top New Varieties
  -Penn State
2006 - Best Varieties
  -Colorado State University
Legal Details:
Patent (US): PPAF Pending
Canadian PBR: PBRAF
Patent No. (US): PP18,763
Patent Name:
Registered Mark:  
Photo: Courtesy of Proven Winners


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