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Coleus Royale 'Alligator Tears'
Coleus — ColorBlaze® Royale Alligator Tears™
Full Name:
ColorBlaze® Royale Alligator Tears™
Solenostemon scutellarioides
Description: Crocodile green foliage with a creamy-yellow tear drop center.
Growing Tips: Many people feel that coleus look best before they flower. We have worked hard to choose coleus that bloom late in the season or not at all. To keep foliage in top shape, pinch off the blooms as they appear if you wish.

Rules of Thumb for Overwintering Plants Indoors:

1. Choose only healthy plants

2. Bring Plants indoors before frost damages foliage

3. Treat for disease and insects before bringing plants indoors

4. Place in bright areas and add humidity using pebble trays or spray bottles

5. Be careful not to over water

6 When active growth starts in spring fertilize and prune as needed

7. Introduce your plants slowly to outdoor conditions in spring

An application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.

Exposure: Plant in sun or shade.
Height: 20 - 30"
Spacing: 12 - 16"
Hardy temp: 35°F (2°C)
Use: Use in beds, borders and containers.
General care:  
2010 - Excellent
Legal Details:
Patent (US): PPAF
Canadian PBR: PBRAF
Patent No. (US):  
Patent Name:
ColorBlaze® Alligator Tears™
Registered Mark: TM
Photo: Courtesy of Proven Winners


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