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Illusion Emerald Lace
Ipomoea Illusion™ Emerald lace
Full Name:
Illusion™ Emerald Lace
Description: Great foliage component plant in combinations; excellent heat tolerance and good vigor.
Growing Tips: In fall before first frost, dig, dry and store tubers in a dry medium (vermiculite or peat) in a cool dry corner of the basement. When tubers sprout in spring, cut them into sections (at least one eye per section) and plant the sections outdoors after last frost date. Tubers can also be sunk ½ way into a large-mouthed glass jar of water in early spring to generate sprouts that can be removed and planted. Container plants and or rooted cuttings taken in late summer may be overwintered indoors in bright sunny locations.

Potatoes formed by ornamental sweet potato vines are edible but are not as flavorful as those selected as a food crop.

Exposure: Plant in sun or partial shade.
Height: 6 - 10"
Spacing: 10 - 12 "
Hardy temp: 35°F (2°C)
Use: Great in mixed containers, window boxes and hanging baskets.
General care:  
Legal Details:
Patent (US): PPAF
Canadian PBR: PBRAF
Patent No. (US):  
Patent Name:
Illusion™ Emerald Lace
Registered Mark: TM
Photo: Courtesy of Proven Winners


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