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 New Guinea Impatiens - 'InfinityT Pink'
New Guinea Impatiens — 'Infinity™ Pink'
Full Name:
New Guinea Impatiens — 'Infinity™ Pink'
Origination: Visioplant
Description: New Guinea Impatiens burst onto the gardening scene a mere 30 years ago and have already become etched in gardeners mind. Shade plants can be hard to find and New Guinea’s fill that niche with vibrant beauty. Now comes Infinity™ a new series from renowned breeder Ludwig Kientzler. These plants have been bred to be grower friendly with well matched vigorous habits and finishing times but they also have the features that consumers demand: large flowers, dark green to purple foliage, and a variety of color choices. Their vigorous habit makes them an easy choice for 10”, 12” or even larger baskets plus they will shine in 4”, 5”, or even gallon pots for production. For consumers Infinity™ is great in shade combination planters, pots and baskets of all sizes and they are excellent in the landscape. 17 colors are available Blushing Lilac, Cherry Red, Dark Pink, Dark Salmon Glow, Lavender, Light Purple, Light Salmon (originally named Lavender Pink)Lilac, Orange, Orange Frost, Pink, Pink Frost, Pink Kiss, Red, Salmon, Scarlet, and White.
Growing Tips: Place in moist but not wet, well-drained soil. Fertilize twice a month in beds, every week in containers.
Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade
Height: 8 - 14"
Spacing: 10 - 12"
Hardy temp: 20°F
Zone: 11
General care:  
One of the Best in Sun Penn State University 2003, Superior Variety in Shade 2003, 2003 Michigan State University Top Performer;One of the Best Penn State 2004; Superior Plant Penn State 2004
Program: Proven Winners® Spring Collection
Legal Details:
Patent (US): PPAF pending
Canadian PBR: PBRAF
Patent No. (US):  
Patent Name:
Registered Mark: R
Photo: Courtesy of Proven Winners


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