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Verbena hybrid - 'SuperbenaT Coral Red'
Verbena hybrid — 'Superbena® Coral Red'
Full Name:
Verbena hybrid — 'Superbena® Coral Red'
Origination: Plant 21
Description: Super-size your verbenas with the new Superbena line. Proven Winners introduces a new take on verbenas that will quickly rise in the ranks to join its esteemed verbena cousins. Superbenas are larger flowering and more vigorous in growth habit than their predecessors, and they’re also extremely resistant to powdery mildew. They have a large broad-leafed form and a semi-prostrate growth habit with large cascading forms. With a broad pallet of colors, the only challenge will be finding a way to use them all. Available in: Blue-Purple, Burgundy, Coral-Red, Dark Blue, Large Lilac Blue, Pink Shades, and Purple.
Growing Tips:  
Exposure: Full Sun
Height: 8 - 14"
Spacing: 12 - 14"
Hardy temp: 30°F
Zone: 7 - 11
Use: 7 - 11
General care:  
Status: New 2003
Excellent rating at Disney's Winter 2002 Trials - Lake Buena Vista, FL, 2003 Michigan State University Top Performer; Exceptional Performer University of Florida 2004
Program: Proven Winners® Spring Collection
Legal Details:
Patent (US): Patented
Canadian PBR: 1828
Patent No. (US): 14,877
Patent Name:
Registered Mark: None
Photo: Courtesy of Proven Winners


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